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06-23-2019 - 06-27-2019

The expanding use of advanced preparatory methods and distinct genomic compositions in food is rapidly creating a new age of consumer choices.  Simul...    

ISGP Podcast: (500) Days of Drought



How can we prevent global temperature increases that exacerbate drought and threaten water security? We’re going to need more than smart water management to address these challenges.  For our purposes, speaking about drought, solar radiation management could be used as a temporary response to mitigate global temperature increases while we develop other remediation techniques.  Droughts and the impacts of changing climate conditions were the subject of debate at the Living with Less Water conference in Tucson, Arizona, in February 2015 as part of the Institute on Science for Global Policy’s Climate Change program.  Debaters discussed Ms. Elaine Wheaton’s policy position paper titled “Droughts Challenge Water Resource Management and Policy.”  Ms. Wheaton is a climate scientist and adjunct Professor at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. For more podcasts, visit ISGP’s The Forum.