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Innovative Foods and Ingredients (IFI)
06-23-2019 - 06-27-2019

The expanding use of advanced preparatory methods and distinct genomic compositions in food is rapidly creating a new age of consumer choices.  Simul...    

ISGP Podcast: Ocean Acidification

HOT TOPIC: Ocean acidification and the “Big Blue Breakdown”

What’s causing ocean acidification, and how does it affect you even if you don’t live near a coastline? Plus, learn how we can mitigate the effects of ocean acidification before they become irreversible. Featuring: Sarah Cooley, Ocean Conservancy, and Lisa Suatoni, NRDC

LISTEN about how biodiversity and global systems relate to ocean acidification, SHARE your thoughts about eco grief, and COMMENT about coral reefs and fisheries! Find us on twitter @ISGPforum and share your thoughts at ISGP Forum. Download this podcast to enjoy at Soundcloud.