About Publications

ISGP publications seek to bridge the increasingly critical intersection between scientific and technological understanding, and the major societal issues shaping domestic and international policies.  All publications are made freely available online; most also are available in hard copy at a small charge.

ISGP’s online library includes the 3-page Policy Position Papers written by conference presenters, and Conference Books and Reports that include (i) the policy  papers debated at that conference, (ii)  not-for-attribution summaries of the debates,  (iii) areas of consensus and actionable next steps, and (iv) additional conference information.

The ISGP has produced Strategic Roadmaps for Emerging and Persistent Infectious Diseases (EPID), and for Food Safety, Security, and Defense (FSSD), as well as a variety of White Papers that could turn into conference series.

For further information or to receive copies of the ISGP books, contact Jennifer Boice, jboice@scienceforglobalpolicy.org.


Featured publications

ISGP Podcast: Food Systems Go

Dr. John Ingram
While advances in food production have progressed, nearly 1 billion people are still hungry, and about 2 billion more lack sufficient nutrients in the...

ISGP Podcast: License to Build

Dr. Eriko Takano and Dr. Rainer Breitling
The "building blocks" of synthetic biology can create new antimicrobials while switching the process of antibiotic discovery from industry-level to ac...

ISGP Podcast: Climactic

Prof. Inez Fung
Do you have questions about climate change? The Forum's crash course in Climate 101 breaks down the scientific evidence and examines possible outcomes...

ISGP Podcast: If I Ran the Zoo

Dr. Jakob Zinsstag
When it comes to animal-borne diseases, emerging and recurring varieties elicit wildly different levels of public concern (Spoiler alert: people in th...

ISGP Podcast: Romaine Calm and Curry On

Dr. Martina Newell-McGloughlan
Agricultural biotechnology has been suggested to provide a helping hand when it comes to feeding a growing population and combating malnutrition. But ...

Climate Impact on National Security (CINS): Executive Summary

Ever-increasing concerns over how climate change affect U.S. national Security was the subject of a series of conferences jointly organized and conven...

Climate Impact on National Security (CINS): Report

The impacts of climate change, such as increased flooding of coastal military installations related to sea level rise and intense storms, present sign...

ISGP Podcast: Something Fishy

Dr. Christina Swanson
Humans aren't the only ones suffering from water scarcity in California...Aquatic ecosystems are in serious danger. Recent droughts have exposed wea...