About Publications

ISGP publications seek to bridge the increasingly critical intersection between scientific and technological understanding, and the major societal issues shaping domestic and international policies.  All publications are made freely available online; most also are available in hard copy at a small charge.

ISGP’s online library includes the 3-page Policy Position Papers written by conference presenters, and Conference Books and Reports that include (i) the policy  papers debated at that conference, (ii)  not-for-attribution summaries of the debates,  (iii) areas of consensus and actionable next steps, and (iv) additional conference information.

The ISGP has produced Strategic Roadmaps for Emerging and Persistent Infectious Diseases (EPID), and for Food Safety, Security, and Defense (FSSD), as well as a variety of White Papers that could turn into conference series.

For further information or to receive copies of the ISGP books, contact Jennifer Boice, jboice@scienceforglobalpolicy.org.


Featured publications

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Native North American populations are suffering from unprecedented rates of long-term chronic disease and poor mental health, largely associated with ...

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Dr. Don Stoeckel
Although the thought may make you squeamish, a zero-tolerance policy toward food safety risk is nonscientific, impractical, and itself risky. Dr...

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Prof. Shaun Kennedy
Now that the most recent E. coli outbreak has left the romaine lettuce sphere, have you ever wondered how food safety authorities investigate foodbo...

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Dr. Paul Slovic
Are your responses to disease risk more analytical or emotional in nature? How can disease risk be better communicated to the individuals in order t...

ISGP Podcast: Hard to Resist

Dr. Timothy Palzkill
Antibiotic resistance is a serious and growing public health concern. Infections caused by methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (a.k.a. MRSA) a...