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Internships and Fellowships

The Institute on Science for Global Policy (ISGP) offers unique opportunities that introduce students and young professionals to the challenges associated with converting scientific understanding into sound public policy nationally and internationally.


The position of an ISGP Fellow or Intern has a variety of responsibilities, all of which play vital roles in the operation of the ISGP.  The ISGP’s primary function is to organize and convene national and international programs and conferences designed to provide distinguished scientists, technologists, and decision-makers opportunities to concisely present their views of credible scientific and technological options available for addressing globally significant issues emerging from current, and reasonably anticipated, environmental, agricultural and food security, energy transition, geopolitical, and security challenges.  The Adjunct Fellows make significant contributions to the debate/caucus model pioneered by the ISGP that focuses on identifying areas of consensus, evidence-based options, and actionable next steps that merit broad, sustainable support from governmental, private sector, and public advocacy communities worldwide.

Information and application procedures can be obtained by contacting Sophie Bartholomaus at sbartholomaus@scienceforglobalpolicy.org, Camelia Bou at cbou@scienceforglobalpolicy.org, and Jennifer Boice at jboice@scienceforglobalpolicy.org