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Foresight from the COVID-19 Pandemic (COVID-FCP)
06-01-2022 - 07-31-2023

IMPORTANT UPDATE Due to several unresolved logistical challenges regarding the ISGP Program on “Foresight from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Science,...    

Agricultural Biosurveillance, Biosecurity, and Biodefense (ABBB)
06-01-2022 - 12-31-2022

Introduction: The vulnerabilities of the U.S. food and agricultural systems to natural and intentional attack and alteration have long been recognize...    

Giorgio Einaudi, Science & Technology Foresight Project

My involvement with the ISGP started at the very beginning of its activity and was motivated by my long-standing concern about the accuracy with which credible scientific and technological information is used in policy decisions, both in the public and private sectors...ISGP, besides allowing multiple scientific and societal perspectives to be presented, challenged, discussed and then to be integrated into specific points of consensus and action steps, it also succeds in taking participants beyond both passive listening and closed-minded arguing to true discourse and discovery of common ground.