Diversified Adaptable Food: Toward Personalized Nutrition

In the next decades, we will be facing an increase in world population. Some of the greatest challenges will be to sustainably and equitably provide better living conditions, to deliver vital goods and services, and to support human health and wellbeing. Few studies consider the interaction among all these challenges. However, in the future it will be imperative to address them in a concerted way and design strategies that will support a more holistic approach. Advances in human genetics and genomics have allowed the use of emerging knowledge to diagnose and treat patients. In the future, the application of converging technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science will achieve personalized, predictive and preventive healthcare. Integral parts of this framework are nutrition and food. A nutritious, diversified diet is the ultimate goal for the improvement and maintenance of health. In order to achieve this, an interdisciplinary approach will be necessary. Furthermore, it will be mandatory to address not only the issue of tailored food consumption, but also of food production and distribution. Guided by the identification of future needs, and based on the acquisition and convergence of knowledge and technology, pushing the boundaries of research and innovation is a major goal.