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Foresight from the COVID-19 Pandemic (FCP)
06-01-2022 - 12-31-2022

Introduction COVID-19 has taught the world, once again, the painful lesson that the lack of preparedness for infectious disease pandemics is a tragic ...    

Agricultural Biosurveillance, Biosecurity, and Biodefense (ABBB)
06-01-2022 - 12-31-2022

Introduction: The vulnerabilities of the U.S. food and agricultural systems to natural and intentional attack and alteration have long been recognize...    

GPHEF - Importation and Innovation
09-26-2022 - 09-30-2022

Introduction: The often-dramatic advancements in science and technology that have characterized the outset of the 21st century are now important tools...    

ISGP Podcast: The Keto My Heart

NEW EPISODE! We’ve got the ABCs of diet trends this week with a deep-dive into the world of the alkaline diet, carb cycling, intermittent fasting, keto, and paleo. What effects do these top food trends have on human and environmental health? Gary Frost (Imperial College London), Debbie Fetter (UC Davis), and Mirthe Eckl (Functional Medicine Practitioner) help the co-hosts answer these questions and more.

Want more information…LIKE, LISTEN and SHARE! We are on twitter @ISGPforum. Find us on ISGP Forum and share our link! For your listening experience go to Soundcloud and share. What diet trends have you tried and why?