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Foresight from the COVID-19 Pandemic (COVID-FCP)
06-01-2022 - 07-31-2023

IMPORTANT UPDATE Due to several unresolved logistical challenges regarding the ISGP Program on “Foresight from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Science,...    

Agricultural Biosurveillance, Biosecurity, and Biodefense (ABBB)
06-01-2022 - 12-31-2022

Introduction: The vulnerabilities of the U.S. food and agricultural systems to natural and intentional attack and alteration have long been recognize...    

Toward a Diversified Protein Future

Global demand for high-quality, animal-sourced protein is expected to rise substantially in the coming decades as population grows and household incomes rise. Simultaneously, climate experts are calling for a rapid transition away from animal-derived foods in an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture. There is a global need for innovative solutions to produce quality protein without contributing to the negative environmental impacts associated with industrial animal agriculture.