Water and Fire: Impacts of Climate Change

Registration will open soon for this two-day conference about changing climate and its impact on fish, fire, and water policy in the Sacramento area, convened in partnership with California State University-Sacramento.

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ISGP FORUM Podcasts: Where Science Comes to Socialize

Hosts Aubrey, Barbara and Cleo provide a lighthearted yet thorough look at selected ISGP debates on food, disease, and climate change.

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The Shore’s Future: Living With Storms & Sea Level Rise

Read the policy papers debated by experts, scientists and residents of the Jersey Shore who gathered in Toms River, New Jersey, U.S., Nov. 20-21, 2015, to debate and discuss priorities in the face of uncertainty about the rate of climate change.

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FSSD: Food Security and Diet Linked Public Health Challenges

Eight policy position papers focused on the links between diet, chronic disease, and public policy were debated at this North Dakota conference. Read them here.

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Synthetic Biology/21st Century Borders: Focus on Responsibility and Governance

Do-It-Yourself Biology -- DIY Bio -- is a worldwide phenomenon. The benefits and challenges of this revolution in citizen science are the topic of the new ISGP podcast "DIY Bill Nye," summarizing the debate of a paper by Dr. Todd Kuiken at this 2012 conference.

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FSSD: Focus on Food and the Environment

Are GMO crops part of the answer to food insecurity in vulnerable regions of the world? This hot-button question is the subject of the ISGP podcast summarizing the debate of Dr. Jennifer Ann Thompson’s paper “Adopting Genetically Modified Crops Worldwide for Food Security.”

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