Socioeconomic Contexts of Sustainable Agriculture

The opportunities and challenges facing sustainable agriculture in New England and around the world is the focus of this free, public conference convened in academic partnership with Western Connecticut State University

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Equitable, Sustainable, and Healthy Food Environments

Can the food environment be modified to improve access to nutritious foods? Explore the opinions of the seven international experts who debated their recommendations at this insightful Canadian conference.

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ISGP FORUM Podcasts: Where Science Comes to Socialize

Hosts Aubrey, Cleo, and Daniela provide a lighthearted yet thorough look at selected ISGP debates on food, disease, and climate change.

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Communicating Science for Policy

Where is the line between objective communication and biased persuasion? Check out the podcast summarizing the debate of LIz Neeley's paper "Training in Narrative Persuasion for Ethical, Effective Science Communication" and see if you agree with the debaters' positions.

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The Shore’s Future: Living With Storms & Sea Level Rise

Read the book summarizing the areas of consensus reached by participants in this New Jersey climate change conference, and listen to a podcast highlighting one of the three debates.

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FSSD: Food Security and Diet-Linked Public Health Challenges

The final conference book is now available online, detailing the areas of consensus and actionable next steps developed by conference participants concerning nutrition, policy, and public health.

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