The Shore’s Future: Living With Storms & Sea Level Rise

Registration is now open for this Nov. 20-21 Toms River, New Jersey, conference exploring the personal, economic, and community-wide effects of local climate issues.

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FSSD: Food Security and Diet Linked Public Health Challenges

The recognition that the variability of phenotypes within a population causes individual groups to respond differently to the nutritional values in foods has become an important part of both scientific research and public policy. ISGP is convening a 3-day ISGP conference in cooperation with North D...

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ICCAP: Sea Level Rise: What’s Our Next Move?

New! Policy position papers have been posted for this upcoming St. Petersburg, Florida, conference that brings together scientists, policy makers and citizens to explore practical options to mitigate and adapt to sea level rise.

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Living with Less Water

Learn what areas of consensus and actionable next steps were proposed by participants in this Tucson, Arizona, conference on drought, convened in February 2015.

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Sustainability Challenges: Coping with Less Water and Energy

A full conference report, including areas of consensus and summaries of the three debates, is now available from this June 5 conference on drought and energy, convened in Whittier, California.

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