Four program tracks

ISGP’s program tracks are designed for policy makers, educators, legislators/parliamentarians, and communities.

Each program track comprises conferences grouped around emerging science and technology topics.  Regardless of the track, all ISGP programs assist participants in getting their questions answered about S&T and policy concerns, and in developing a shared vision for policies based on credible science.  Please note that ISGP does not lobby for any position except rational thinking.

• Signature Series

    Designed for people who influence policy, these conferences provide opportunities for subject matter experts to convey and defend ideas about emerging S&T and related topics to an international group of scientists, policy makers, members of industry, and advocacy groups. Conferences generally are conducted under Chatham House Rule (not for attribution).  The Signature Series currently includes 3 series:

    Emerging and Persistent Diseases (EPID)

    Food Safety, Security, and Defense (FSSD)

    Synthetic Biology / 21st Century Borders


    • ISGP Academic Partnerships (IAP)

    Conducted in partnership with respected colleges, this program track educates the next generation in critical thinking, science communication, and rational public discourse based on credible science. As part of a one-semester college-level course taught by school faculty, students convene ISGP debate-and-caucus conferences on their campuses.

    • Science & Governance

    Customized for parliamentarians and legislators charged with making laws who rely on credible knowledge of emerging S&T issues, these conferences are conducted under Chatham House Rule.

    • Climate Change/Global Challenges

    These unique conferences engage scientists, community leaders, and the general public in thinking critically about local S&T issues that result from global events such as changing climate and shrinking biodiversity. Direct, personal experience of changing global landscapes can be incorporated into these conferences.

    Program and conference format

    ISGP Program Format