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Food Safety, Security and Defense (FSSD)

Food is one of the most important commodities worldwide, impacting on each and every life on the planet through its availability, production, transport, and trade.

The world’s population is predicted to increase from 6.8 billion to 9 billion by 2050 and the addition of more than 2 billion individuals to the global population, in combination with changing dietary habits, is expected to require a doubling of the amount of food, feed, and fiber currently produced.

As we approach 2050, the challenges in managing limited resources to support the ever-growing population will require improvements in the technology available and management policies. Three aspects of the global food system are especially important: food safety, food security, and food defense. Food safety addresses actions aimed at ensuring that all food is as safe as possible from accidental contamination, while food defense focuses on preventing the intentional contamination of food products. Food security refers to the access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food allowing for the maintenance of a healthy life.

Conferences in this series bring together subject-matter experts, academia, public and private-sector policy makers, and other stakeholders in debates and discussions of factors related to nutrition, sustainable agriculture, human health, innovations and technologies, the food supply chain, environmental sustainability, access to water and resources, and global societal perspectives.

Conferences are conducted in “not-for-attribution” environments (Chatham House Rule).

FSSD Series Conferences

ISGP Academic Partnership FSSD Conferences

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