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ISGP Climate Change Program (ICCP)

The ISGP Climate Change Program (ICCP), part of the ISGP's Global Challenges program track, provides citizens with unique opportunities to learn how changes in the climate may directly affect their individual lifestyle choices and decisions within their respective communities.

Individuals participating in an ICCP conference (i) debate internationally credible scientific and policy experts and (ii) caucus with fellow citizens concerning current and projected impacts of climate change, with the goal of identifying areas of consensus concerning practical policy steps for mitigating and adapting to these changes.

ISGP's unusual, if not unique, debate-and-caucus format enables citizens who are nonspecialists to engage well-informed scientists and policy experts in critical discussions and to work toward consensus despite differing viewpoints. Given the current diversity of opinions concerning climate change and its potential significance for individuals, the ISGP strongly encourages the inclusion of all rational viewpoints.

Throughout 2015, the ISGP will organize and convene nonpartisan conferences in each of the participating U.S. communities. Each ISGP conference focuses on helping participants learn how climate changes may influence their personal lifestyles and community-wide choices.

Working Groups  of local citizens are responsible for helping convene the 2015 community-wide, local ISGP conferences.

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