ISGP Podcast: Access Denied

  The indigenous people of northern Canada are suffering from food access challenges, leading to both poor diets and poor health outcomes.  They have moved from the traditional, more wild diets to easily accessed processed foods – with harmful health results.  They need policy makers’ help to find land-based food solutions. But if food access improves, will dietary choice follow suit?  Those topics were discussed with Dr. Michael Robidoux, who wrote the policy position paper, Building Local Food Capacity as a Food Security Strategy for Northern Indigenous Communities.  the discussion was part of the ISGP conference, Food Security and Diet-Linked Public Health Challenges, that was organized and convened in partnership with North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota, September 20-23, 2015.  Dr. Robidoux is a Professor at the Indigenous Health Research Group at the University of Ottawa.

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