ISGP Podcast: Food Systems Go

While advances in food production have progressed, nearly 1 billion people are still hungry, and about 2 billion more lack sufficient nutrients in their diets. while most people perceive food insecurity to mean starvation and hunger, the definition actually extends in the other direction, as well. One of the fastest growing and critical threats to food security is actually obesity.

Current methods of producing, processing, packaging, transporting, retailing, and consuming food are contributing to natural resource degradation and there is an urgent need to improve food systems to enhance food security and health outcomes, improve efficiency, and reduce environmental impacts.

Strategies to improve food, nutritional, and environmental security part of the discussion of a policy position paper written by Dr. John Ingram, the Food Systems Programme Leader at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxfordscrutinized. His paper, Food Systems and Environmental Change: Navigating the Two-Way Street, was part of an Institute on Science for Global Policy conference, Food Safety, Security, and Defense: Focus on Food and the Environment convened at Cornell University in 2014.

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