Innovative Foods and Ingredients (IFI) Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 23-27, 2019

Presenters: Dr. Daniel Voytas, Chief Science Officer, Calyxt, Inc.; Dr. Haven Baker, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder, Pairwise; Ms. Cecilia Wittbjer, Vice President of Marketing, Parabel Inc.; Ms. Jill Kauffman Johnson, Vice-Chair, Algae Biomass Organization; Dr. Ilan Samish, CEO and Founder, Amai Proteins; Mr. Ryan Pandya, Co-Founder and CEO, Perfect Day; Mr. Greg Jaffe, Director, Project on Biotechnology, The Center for Science in the Public Interest; Mr. Thomas Neltner, Chemicals Policy Director, Environmental Defense Fund

The expanding use of advanced preparatory methods and distinct genomic compositions in food is rapidly creating a new age of consumer choices. Simultaneously, these innovative food and ingredient choices are dramatically altering the decisions being made by stakeholders throughout the food supply system, domestically and internationally. Scientific, farming, processing, manufacturing, marketing, and retail distribution communities focused on providing commercially viable products are directly affected, as are government regulators overseeing the safety of the food system and public advocates committed to accurately informing consumers. The Innovative Foods and Ingredients (IFI) conference series, organized and convened by the ISGP with support from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is part of the ISGP Food Innovation Program. The IFI conference series seeks to identify the opportunities, challenges, and priorities recognized by major scientific, technological, private sector, governmental, and public advocacy stakeholders involved in the emergence of innovative foods and ingredients. The first of these IFI conferences focuses on plant- and microbial-derived foods and ingredients and specifically, excludes consideration of food and ingredients derived from cultured mammalian cells or genetically engineered animals.