ISGP Podcast: the Case of Cas9

Note: We are doing things a bit differently here on the ISGP Forum. We’re initiating a new series of episodes, our “Hot Topics Series.” We will continue to provide well-rounded discussions of science, convey opportunities and challenges associated with technologies, and add our Forum spin of policy and regulatory context.

This week, the co-hosts discuss the science behind CRISPR-Cas9, case study its potential applications in food and health care, and answer the big question…How soon can we expect gene editing to hit grocery store shelves and hospital wings? and How can this technology be applied to the food and health sectors?

With the help of Drs. Kevin Doxzen and Lea Witkowsky from the Innovative Genomics Institute, our co-hosts explain. Listen, like, and share! Go to the the ISGP Forum and download the podcast or download it here