ISGP Podcast: Climactic

Do you have questions about climate change? The Forum’s crash course in Climate 101 breaks down the scientific evidence and examines possible outcomes. The discussion centers on the evidence in support of the fact that the earth’s climate is changing, how and why we see seasonal and regional variations in climate systems, and why, importantly, this does not mean that the climate changes we’re witnessing are just another ebb and flow of a natural cycle.

The discussion is based on the policy paper, Climate Change Evidence, written by Professor Inez Fung for the 2016 ISGP conference called Climate Impact on National Security (CINS), which was held at the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania. Professor Inez Fung was the lead writer from the U.S. on a publication called Climate Change: Evidence and Causes, which was released jointly in 2014 by the National Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society. Professor Fung is a Professor of Atmospheric Science at Berkeley.

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