ISGP Podcast: Romaine Calm and Curry On

Agricultural biotechnology has been suggested to provide a helping hand when it comes to feeding a growing population and combating malnutrition. But did you know it could do so while protecting biodiversity and ensuring sustainable food production?

New and innovative biotechnologies that could improve the operational efficiency of the global agriculture sector was discussed in relation to Dr. Martina Newell-McGloughlin’s paper, “Agricultural Biotechnology’s Potential Contribution to Global Food Security and Stewardship of the Earth’s Resources.” These biotechnologies include insect resistance, increased nutritional value in foods, crop resistance to insects, blights and disease, improved output, and The debate was part of the Institute on Science for Global Policy’s conference, Food Safety, Security, and Defense: Focus on Technologies and Innovation, in Verona, Italy, back in April 2013.

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