ISGP Podcast: Something Fishy

Humans aren’t the only ones suffering from water scarcity in California…Aquatic ecosystems are in serious danger. Recent droughts have exposed weaknesses in California’s water management strategies, and these weaknesses have effects on humans, aquatic ecosystems, and the fish they contain. Droughts are pushing many aquatic species to their brink, including several fish species considered to be biological indicators for ecosystem health.

Experts discuss the limits when it comes to water, and options for planning and allocating appropriately for current and future water demands during debate of a policy position paper written by Dr. Christina Swanson, the Director of the Science Center at the National Resources Defense Council in San Francisco. Her paper, titled, “Managing Water for People and Fish, Now and in a Changing Climate” was debated at the 2016 ISGP conference Water and Fire: Impacts of Climate Change held at and in partnership with Sacramento State University.

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