ISGP Podcast: Keeping Up with the Climate

Did you know that climate change could cause decreases in labor productivity and increases in violent crime? How are climate-related economic losses related to the U.S. military?

Given current trends, heat levels during some parts of the year could get so bad that the human body won’t be able to maintain a normal core temperature without air conditioning. Think of the situation in places like the Middle East, territories highly frequented by the U.S. military, which also happen to have some of the hottest climates around – and will be getting hotter.

A lot of people are talking about climate change and risks, but the bigger question is how to act on those risks. A better understanding of how domestic and foreign economies will react to climate risks is crucial. This would go as far as to determine how commodity production and export would be affected…everything from agricultural products to oil.

These topics were part of a discussion of a position paper written by Kate Gordon from the Paulson Institute, and it was titled Climate Risks, the Economy, and National Security. The paper was presented at the Climate Impact on National Security conference held in partnership with the U.S. Army War College in late 2016.

Ms. Gordon mentioned a few groups that have been working to provide the best projections and risk factors to different sectors and regions here in the U.S. and abroad. These include the Risky Business Project and the Climate Impact Laboratory.

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