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Water and Fire: Impacts of Climate Change

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Convened in partnership with California State University-Sacramento, this free, two-day conference was the culmination of a semester-long undergraduate class at CSUS about changing climate and its impact on fish, fire, and water policy in the Sacramento area.  
"Water and Fire" brought together three internationally recognized scientists, public and private-sector policy makers, students, and area residents to both debate and seek consensus on science-based policies related to climate change in the Sacramento area.   These debates clarified scientific and technological understanding for nonspecialists who often are responsible for making or directly influencing, local, regional, national, and global policy decisions regarding many issues, including ecology (e.g., preserving native fish populations), forest fires, and water policy.

The presenters were:

  • Dr. Roger Bales, Director of the University of California Water Security and Sustainability Research Initiative, and the Sierra Nevada Research Institute
  • Dr. Jon E. Keeley, Senior Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Dr. Christina Swanson, Director of the Science Center, Natural Resources Council
In addition, the distinguished dinner speaker on April 10 was Dr. Frank Kanawha Lake, Research Ecologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station Fire and Fuels Program.

Click for more information about the expert presenters and speaker, and for the  Water and Fire Conference Announcement (pdf). 

To visit the California State University-Sacramento conference page, visit waterandfire2016.com.


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