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Communicating Science for Policy

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“Communicating Science for Policy,” a free, invitation-only workshop organized by the ISGP in cooperation with Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, featured critical debates with three nationally recognized science communication experts centered on the role of science communication in developing public policy. The debates were followed by individual caucus sessions and a plenary session to develop areas of consensus and actionable next steps. 

The three distinguished science communication experts were  William Hallman, Arthur Lupia, and Elizabeth Neeley. Their policy position papers can be found below.


Policy Position papers

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To Increase Science’s Public Value, We Must Improve Communication

Arthur Lupia, Ph.D., Hal R Varian Collegiate Professor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.
In the last hundred years, scientific research has transformed quality of life for people around the world. Science has great potential to do much mor...

Communicating Science for Policy - Three Papers

William Hallman, Arthur Lupia, Elizabeth Neeley,