Sea Level Rise: What's Our Next Move?

Convened by Institute on Science for Global Policy
St. Petersburg College, Seminole Campus
St. Petersburg College, Seminole Campus
10-02-2015 - 10-03-2015

Organized in coordination with the Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions
at St. Petersburg College and The St. Petersburg/Pinellas County Working Group, this ISGP conference focused on exploring the personal, economic, and community-wide significance of climate issues relevant to the St. Petersburg/Pinellas County area.


Policy Position papers

ISGP Podcast: Pass the SALT

Are land trusts an innovative way for governments to adapt to sea level rise -- or are they just too impractical, unpopular and expensive?  Arguments...

Sea Level Rise: What's Our Next Move?

This book contains the areas of consensus and actionable next steps resulting from the ISGP conference Sea Level Rise: What’s Our Next Move?  With ...

Shoreline Adaptation Land Trusts: Concept for Rising Sea Level

John Englander
Rising sea level is now unstoppable despite the important work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the international goals to limit warming.  Fina...

Adapting to Sea Level Rise: the Tension Between Protection and Discontinuous Change

Andrew G. Keeler, Ph.D.
Communities and individuals can spend money and alter their environments to reduce risks they face from sea level rise and other climate-driven risks....

The Coming Reality of Sea Level Rise: Too Fast Too Soon

Harold R. Wanless, Ph.D.
The reality of accelerating rates of sea level rise as the result of human-induced global warming is becoming increasingly dire and urgently needs to ...