Upcoming Conferences

Agricultural Biosurveillance, Biosecurity, and Biodefense (ABBB)

Notionally, the ISGP-ABBB program is centered on five, sequentially convened conferences that foster intense, respectful debates and caucuses among distinguished, well-informed individuals who, while often having diverse, competing viewpoints and priorities, are positioned to make or significantly influence the formulation and implementation of major governmental, private sector, and civil society decisions. Several areas of focus for the initial ISGP conferences that have been tentatively identified from ISGP interviews with subject-matter experts and leadership are: (1) integrating a system of data acquisition, analysis, and access directly supporting the safety of economically viable, sustainable agriculture, practical sources of animal protein, and comprehensive protection of human health (One Health), (2) promoting an aquaculture system as a safe source of seafood, (3) monitoring and analyzing animal and human populations related to zoonotic infectious diseases, (4) promoting a safe and economically viable international trade and transportation system consistent with legal and regulatory frameworks that ensure the safety of food systems from attacks from natural events and/or intentional harm.